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In a period in which it is not easy to translate into directions for the future reading through this, Consultec has clear ideas. No compromise. We have a level of technology that allows us to create buildings that are themselves a center of production of value, this is because we certainly believe them able to generate their own energy and mediate their energy exchange with the surrounding environment, can increase the commercial value in the future by granting design standards superior to current standards, not forgetting at the same time to minimize subsequent maintenance, but not only.

We think of buildings capable of transmitting themselves this message. The comfort and the perception of welfare housing grows hand in hand with the choice of using eco-friendly materials as close to a ring. Elevating the quality of our buildings will improve the quality of our lives. The heating energy consumed in residential spaces and domestic hot water accounts for about 35% of national energy consumption, and represents about 25% of the total national emissions of CO2 (ENEA data WEEE 2013), gas emissions considered largely responsible for Climate Change. Likewise, using natural materials certified we will be sure not to abuse the environment with the uncontrolled exploitation of raw materials.