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CONSULTEC soc. coop. is an engineering company founded by a group of professional offices and by the experience of the homonym company established in 1983.Inside The Company there are a diversified and complementary experiences in the field of Environmental Engineering, Civil and Land, Plant, Infrastructure, Architecture and Town Planning. 



CONSULTEC operates through an operative structure comprising several offices; thanks to a flexible statute it can easily associate new professional skills . Consultec gives consulting services to public and private clients.It served by modern technological tools that allow the company to address and resolve complex issues and defining from time to time the best way to the achievement of specific goals.



CONSULTEC is a cooperative currently composed of 23 partners, all graduated in different technical and scientific subjects (Engineering, Architecture, Geology, Environmental Science) with a variety of skills and qualifications in addition to three engineering companies.


Avails itself, depending on the necessity, of a network of highly specialized consultants in the different operating sectors. The company provides design services, project management and technical assistance, operational support on construction, environmental monitoring, topography services, geology, engineering and architecture, phonometric and environmental analysis, climate modeling and noise impact analysis.



1. Omero Bassotti: Engineer

2. Matteo Sarti: Architect

3. Ivo Palmieri: Engineer

4. Francesco Palmieri: Engineer

5. Giovanni Palmieri: Doct. Environmental Science

6. Matteo Pedini: Engineer

7. Alberto Marchetti: Engineer

8. Erica Marchetti: Engineer

9. Marco Lancioni: Geologist

10. Donato Pescatore: Engineer

11. Leonardo Gatti: Engineer

12. Marcello Benassi: Medical Physicist

13. Jan Zwingenberger: Engineer

14. Marco Antinori: Engineer

15. S.I.GE.S. s.r.l.

16. Echo Energy Solutions s.r.l.

17. Giangolini Alberto: Architect

18. Filippi Sabina: Architect