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In this area is inserted the integral and coordinate design of structures foro public and private buildings and complexes for civil and industrial use, CONSULTEC skills come from qualifying experiences. Also in this field are placed all the activities of historical and monumental restoration.

Starting from feasibility studies and the summary estimate of the interventions are carried out all the activities at the various levels of planning, necessary for the building production, without neglecting aspects such as bio-compatibility, elimination of architectural barriers, fire prevention, the fluid fumes, assessment of energy needs, the application of engineering techniques for low energy impact, green building.




The plant sector covers a wide area of structures and types of clients, from public to private, from energy efficiency systems and energy production from renewable sources installation utilities, process plants on industrial buildings, mechanical and electrical plant on residential buildings, hotels, offices, sports centers, shopping centers, hospitals, yachts and much more. The responsibilities of the various multi-professional specialists can help to support clients in all the design stages, from conception to completion, and on all types of systems, such as HVAC, water, plumbing, fire protection, gas and technical fluids, compressed air, steam, lighting, data networks, motive power, video surveillance, intrusion alarm, fire detection, etc.