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Within the company there is a dedicated team specialized on consulting and design for the hospital sector with a major experience in the field.

In the hospital structures besides common aspects with other public buildings, must be strictly satisfied functionality requirements that change faster and faster; these requirements are not only dictated by scientific progress and technological progress in the field of diagnostic and interventional with the installation of equipment and machinery with new system requirements, but also social aspects such as the number and the average age of the patients that by varying the area of competence of the structure requires treatments and different functional areas in the same structure.

Consultec provides design services aimed to produce works that ensure the containment of future management and maintenance costs through a study of the modular structure and systems in order to assure the economic feasibility of further and future changes.

Consultec is specialized in design of works and technological systems dedicated to diagnostic imaging such as CT, PET, MRI, Radiology, angiography and production of radiopharmaceuticals with Cyclotron centers and public and private health facilities, provides consulting services for site planning, the ‘installation and testing of medical devices. Consultec provides design departments for the Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and Blocks operators, carries out feasibility studies for the installation of medical equipment, estimated costs for the preparation of local medical equipment, construction management and building management systems.