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Consultec is able to put in place a multidisciplinary team that over the years has gained specific experience in investigations floristic, phytosociological, vegetation, wildlife and ecosystems, expressed in the form of matrices, check-lists and thematic mapping.

The interventions of the technicians Consultec can be developed both small scale and on a regional scale, covering all stages of the design for the construction of public and private parks, infrastructure works, hydraulic works, green infrastructure, restoration of degraded sites and quarries, green roof and vertical, both in Italy and abroad. Speaking also to all citizens, public institutions, schools and sector technicians Consultec is able to organize courses both technical and popular that theoretical and practical workshops and interactive for all grade levels on environment and ecology, energy saving and renewable energy, water conservation and recycling.

Services provided under the environment, landscape and ecology:


analysis and environmental planning

environmental monitoring

Assessments and environmental impact studies

Environmental design, mitigation, restoration, compensation

Ratings Incidence

Relations landscape

Designing gardens, public parks and urban spaces

Designing green roof and vertical

Design swimming pools and biolaghi

Surveys of vegetation, flora and fauna

Teaching manuals and environmental

Courses and technical conferences and outreach

educational workshops

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